April: More Fruits and Veggies


This post will be short but it took me a long time to write. Being at the tail end of a semester of college and a drawn out cold doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing. But I hope these next few months will help with the stress and sickness I’ve been experiencing lately. These next few months are focused on my physical health. I have a lot in store, so prepare to see some crazy awesome before and after pictures where I go from drab to fab and from flabby to ripped. Kidding, of course.

I’m in fairly good shape, but nowhere near where I would like to be. So I’m starting off by adding a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables (with an emphasis in the veggie department) into my diet. Sarah and I are going to try a lot of new recipes and mix up some old standards. I’ll post some of our successes and failures with cooking great vegetable-based meals and finding creative ways to eat more veggies.

Last year I ate vegetarian for an entire month. It was a great experiment to go without meat for a whole month, but for this month I wanted to mix things up and try instead to focus on more fresh, whole foods. So we’ll be trying out lots of great new and familiar fruits and vegetables during the month. My goal is to eat fruits and veggies at least 2-3 times per day, either with 2 meals or by snacking throughout the day.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn into a health nut over the next few months, but you can expect a lot more fitness-centric posts during the next three months. So if that’s not your thing, I understand. Check back in July when I focus on mindfulness and, in the meantime, check out some of my old posts in the archives.

I know this post is late, so I’ll give a quick update on the last week or so. It’s been harder than I thought. The big challenge we’re having is planning meals that involve fruits and vegetables that we have on hand. This means using the same vegetable for several meals. There are two big hurdles that we’re trying to figure out, so please send me your ideas to solve these!

  1. Buying just enough for two people. Fruit and vegetable packages, bundles, etc. seem to be marketed for the 4-6 person family. With 2 people we don’t want to waste the food that goes bad too quickly. We’re trying to find and buy smaller portions or things not already bunched together or in bags.
  2. It seems like a lot of things go bad so fast! We bought asparagus and it was moldy within 4 days. Lettuce and spinach go limp and gross too soon, fruit gets soft and moldy, bananas go brown, etc. How do you store your fresh produce and do you have any specific tips? Please share them here or on social media.

But we’ll continue doing our best and trying new things to find what we like and what we don’t. We’re also going to experiment with storing the food, so I’ll let you know if we find any solutions.

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  • Ali says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your post. My husband and I have dramatically decreased our meat consumption (we eat meat about once every 2 weeks) and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

    We freeze extra bananas (peeled) for smoothies and banana breads, and spinach for smoothies and soups. We have salad night once a week and use up their veggies and often have omelettes with veggies l, as well. You can use up veggies in soups and pasta sauces, too. You have to commit to using veg in a timely fashion–I try to meal plan weekly and place the meals with veggies that go off quickly (mushrooms, etc) up front. Also, search online for the best ways to store particular veggies. Best of luck!