Quiet Habits: Best of 2015


2015 was an amazing year! I started and completed my very first Year of Change and I’ve decided to make it an annual thing, with new habits and experiments each year. My blog saw amazing growth, with thousands of views a month and dozens of new subscribers. Ultimately, though, I hope that I have helped you found better habits in your life. As always, in the coming year I will continue to focus on simplicity and habit change. You can read more about that here in my mission statement for 2016. To celebrate the coming of a new year, here’s my year in review for Quiet Habits and some awesome things that happened in my life this year.

Blog Growth:

I want to thank all of you, awesome readers, for the growth that Quiet Habits has seen this year. Here are a few numbers from this year that show how much the blog has grown:

  • Over 14,000 views this year
  • 80+ subscribers
  • Almost 100 posts
  • 270+ Twitter followers
  • 100+ Likes on Facebook
Things we did:

But it’s not about the numbers, followers or page views. This blog is about my personal growth and the growth of my readers. Here’s some of the amazing things that happened this year.

  • I finished two full-time semesters of college at UVU as an English major. Just two more semesters to go!
  • My wife, Sarah, and I moved to a new apartment. It’s much bigger, nicer and saved us some money.
  • We bought a new car and made a plan to pay off all of our debt before we buy a house in 2 years (or less)
  • I completed my first Year of Change. I experimented with 12 habits throughout the year. You can see exactly what I did and learned in this post.
  • I simplified and focused Quiet Habits. You can read about it in my mission statement.
  • I ran my first 5k and then I ran another one a few weeks later.
  • I wrote and published my very first guide, the Digital Spring Cleaning guide, available for free (or with a donation).
  • Sarah and I went to Moab, UT, San Francisco, CA, Park City, UT, Midway/Heber, UT, and Champaign, IL.
  • I made my first dollar from selling something I wrote (the Digital Spring Cleaning guide).
Most viewed posts:
  1. Year of Change – 2015: my outline for my Year of Change this last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I hope that 2016 will be even better.
  2. Develop a Minimalist Mindset: with just a few simple steps you can learn to think as a minimalist instead of just getting rid of all your stuff.
  3. Simplify Your Digital Life: we are surrounded with technology. Here’s how to manage all of it simply (plus a free guide!)
  4. What I Learned From My Shopping Ban: I didn’t buy anything new for a whole month. Here’s what I learned. I’ll be doing this again this coming year as well as avoiding impulse buys.
  5. 4 Relaxation Tips We Can Learn From Our Pets: Pets are great. They’re great companions, they do funny things and they sure know how to relax.
Some of my favorite blogs this year:
  • Zen Habits: Leo continues to inspire me daily with his ability to simplify, change and write amazingly well.
  • Break the Twitch: Anthony and I have social media conversations from time to time and I always love checking up on his blog about living an intentional life.
  • Blonde on a Budget: Cait paid off a ton of debt in a short time. She has also embraced minimalism and is in the middle of a no-shopping ban. She inspires parts of this blog.
  • Be More With Less: I’ve been reading Courtney’s writing a lot more this year. She sure knows how to make you feel good about yourself. If you need some simple motivation, look no further than her blog.
Great books, guides and courses:

Here are some great books, guides and courses that I read, used or discovered this year. I highly recommend all of these for the coming year. (Note: these are affiliate links. I earn a small percentage from these sales. That money goes right back into building this blog)

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