Year of Change – 2015

A Year of Change

Change is scary. We tend to fear the unknown and change is unknown, uncomfortable, strange, and different. We don’t like it. Change is also a necessary part of our lives. We are trying to become better people and improve ourselves in some way. This is why I want to live this coming year as a year filled with little changes and improvements. I see this as a major upgrade year for my life, where I evaluate my current “software” and “hardware”, remove the unnecessary and add a few features to create a beautiful, upgraded version of my life.

I got the idea to do this from Leo Babauta, a great blogger and one of my inspirations for change and writing. I have changed the format slightly and simplified some of the habits. I wanted something that was doable by anyone, no matter how weak they think their will is to change. I am not a master of change yet, so I chose habits that would challenge me but wouldn’t break me.

I want to challenge you to join in on any habits that you think would be helpful to you. This is about a personal journey. YOUR personal journey. Pick one habit and work on it until you’ve mastered it; follow along with me each month; or create your own plan and take the tips and things I’ve learned through success and failure during this year. The important thing is that you make these little changes and become a happier and healthier individual.

Here are the habits I will be working on this year and the month that I’ll be working on them. Each month I will focus on one habit. Other posts that I write on my blog will mostly deal with this one habit and things I have learned or strategies I am trying during the month.

**Update: I also swapped around May, June, and July and changed the posting format slightly.

**Update: I switched the goals for March and June. See below for the changes

The Plan

January: Wake early every day // Update on January
February: Meditate daily in the morning // Update on February
March: Update: Get rid of at least one thing every day // Update on March
April: Only drink water. No herbal tea, juices, soda, hot chocolate, etc. // Update on April
MayExercise in the morning, stretch at night // Update on May
JuneEat vegetarian for an entire month // Update on June
July: No dairy products and no eating after 9pm // Update on July
August: No social media (except for writing blog posts and for my day job) // Update on August
September: Don’t buy anything new for the whole month // Update on September
October: No video entertainment // Update on October
November: Write daily // Update on November
DecemberNo sweets or desserts // Update on December

I’ll post updates at the end of the month (usually the last day or two). Each post will have a dual purpose. The first half of the post will have a report about how I did that month with the change (this is my accountability). I will report my successes and failures and anything else that I learned.

The second half of the post will outline the details for the next month’s habit change (my plan of action). I will write about any challenges I might face, strategies I am going to try, and things that will help you have success with this change. When I write this post, I will come back here and link to the month so you can refer back easily from this post.

I hope this will be the best year of many best years to come! I hope you will join me in making this your best year as well.

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  • Aunt Shell says:

    I’m so thrilled I found you! You are truly inspiring. I will be following your journey and can’t wait to see what happens next.