Year of Change 2016


Last year I decided to experiment each month with a different habit change. I either tried to go the whole month either doing or not doing something. The experiences and insights I gained from this last year are priceless. I wouldn’t trade the things I learned about myself and about habits for anything. Check out the habits I did and what I learned during 2015.

This year I’m following the same general outline but with a few small changes. This year I’m going to focus on a different habit each month but those habits are also part of a quarterly theme. The themes this year are Routines, Health, Mindfulness and Digital Detox. Most of my blog posts this year will focus on the current quarterly theme, so be sure to check back if there’s something that you’re particularly interested in.

I hope to learn even more amazing things about myself, habits, goals and more this year. I hope that you’ll follow along and try some of these habit experiments along with me this year. This year I’m making it even easier to follow along and join in the change.

The Plan


January: Create a good morning routine // January Update
February: Journal every day // February Update
March: Plan my day and week // March Update


April: Eat more vegetables // April Update
May: Walk and/or Bike outside every day // May Update
June: Daily Yoga // June Update


July: Daily Meditation // July Update
August: No Shopping
September: Month of Gratitude

Digital Detox

October: Turn my iPhone into a dumb phone
November: Planned digital-free times
December: Finish my book a month challenge

Along with these twelve habits, Sarah and I will be avoiding impulse purchases this year. So, besides the necessities (food, toiletries, school purchases, necessary replacements), if we want to buy something we have to wait a two-week minimum before making a purchase.

Also, you’ll notice that December is the end of a year-long challenge. I want to read at least 12 books this year that aren’t part of school requirements. I might read more than 12, but I plan to read at least 12. You can find the list (subject to change) here.

To see how each habit is going, what I’m currently working on and what book I’m currently reading, visit my Now page.

I hope that through these quiet, simple habits I can make this year wonderful. I believe that through these little acts of changing myself that I am becoming a better person one day at a time. I want to make this year my best year yet. Stay tuned for some email courses I’ll be sending out for a few of the habits to provide some extra help, tips and support for those who are interested. My email subscribers will be the first to find out and the first to have the option to sign up, so if you’re not on that list, you’d better sign up here:


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