December: A Month With No Dessert


I know what you’re thinking, “He’s crazy! You can’t go through December without eating candy, desserts and other holiday goodies!”. Out of this year of habit experiments I think this coming month has had the most criticism and cries of disbelief from my friends and family. They usually say something like, “I don’t think you’ll be able to do it,” or, “I would never be able to do that!” I usually smile and tell them that the whole point of these experiments is to push myself, see what I can do for only a month and learn from those experiences. I always learn so much about myself during the month and I know that this month will be no exception.

Going for 31 days without some dessert may seem like an impossible task for some, but I’m here to tell you that it can be done and that I will do it this month. If you want to see for yourself, please join me this month. Share your experiences, triumphs and challenges in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #NoDessertDec.

The holidays seem to have become an excuse to go into a mountain of debt and eat a mountain of desserts. We pass around sweets, treats, candy, and other sugary concoctions in an effort to spread holiday cheer and check people off our gift lists. I chose December to go without sweets because I knew it would be a tough challenge.

Dessert and I have a long history. I try to avoid buying any desserts or candy because it inevitably disappears within a matter of hours. My wife Sarah has an impeccable skill to keep candy around for months. I have the opposite skill set. Let’s just say that if we each bought a bag of candy, mine would barely make it past 48 hours and hers would likely last for the next 6 months.

So, this month I commit to not eat any sweets, desserts or treats. This includes things like cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, hot chocolate, candy, cheesecake, etc. Obviously the definition of “treat” and “dessert” varies from person to person, so I might eat some things that others would consider a treat and there might be things that I consider a treat that others wouldn’t. The bottom line for this challenge is to avoid sweets and treats in an effort to eat healthier and feel better during the holiday season.

In a season of giving, give yourself the gift of health and cut out (or at least cut back on) desserts and other treats. Don’t worry, your aunt’s amazing apple pie will be there next year. Your crazy uncle’s homemade egg nog can wait until next year and all of that Christmas candy can wait for the new year. I hope we can make this a season of health and well-being instead of a season of regret and poor health. Will you join me? Remember to share your experiences or your own challenge with #NoDessertDec

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