My Favorite Minimalist and Simple Living Blogs

Here are some of my favorite minimalist and simple living blogs. I read most of these regularly. If you are interested in learning more about simple living, simplifying any aspect of your life, minimalism, habit change, or any related topics, I highly recommend all of these blogs. Check out their about or start here pages to learn more. I guarantee you’ll find something useful or uplifting.

I subscribe to many of these blogs. I refer to many of them for simple living inspiration and advice, new ideas and other great information. I’ve included a link to the main page (section header) and the about page (end of section) for each website.

Zen Habits

  • Leo is one of my favorite minimalists and has been the inspiration for this blog and many of the changes I’ve made. I think he’s probably my number one resource for learning about minimalism and simple living. I was first introduced to minimalism by reading his blog and I’d credit him and his blog with kicking off my interest and journey into minimalism. About Page

Becoming Minimalist

  • I discovered Josh’s blog in late 2013 and I’ve been a fan ever since. This blog presents minimalism in a very straightforward way. It focuses on the journey to owning less, doing less and having more time for what’s important. If you’re new to minimalism, I recommend checking out his wonderful blog and reading his two books about simple living and minimalism. About Page

Be More With Less

The Minimalists

  • Josh and Ryan are two great guys living a simple life and writing about it on their website. They gave up high-paying jobs, big houses and lots of stuff to lead a simple life with more intention and meaning. They have several books, some of which I own. Their blog is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to jump into minimalism or learn more about how to become a minimalist. About Page

Break the Twitch

  • I discovered Anthony’s blog a few months ago and I’m hooked. We have a similar style of writing and explore similar topics. He experiments with habits and discusses topics such as minimalist living, intentional living, beating distractions and more. This is a well-rounded simple living blog and well-worth a read. About Page

Blonde on a Budget

  • I found Cait’s blog around the same time that I found Anthony’s. Cait conquered $30,000 of debt in under 2 years. She started the blog as a way to track her progress and stay accountable to an online community. Now she writes about financial habits, shopping bans and other simple living tips. About Page

No Sidebar

  • This is a collaboration between several bloggers/designers who began experimenting and writing about living with less in every aspect of life. They focus on living with less or simplifying various aspects of your life. You can find out more about them here. About Page

The Art of Simple

  • Tsh is a great example of simple living. She homeschools her kids, travels the world, writes, records a podcast, and much more. I don’t read her blog as often as some of the others, but she offers great tips and advice about everything from travel to food to education to writing and more. She has a great book about taking one bite at a time to accomplish anything. Check it out here. About Page

Rowdy Kittens

  • This blog brings a smile to my face when I read it. Her humor is great and it’s fun to see a basic, simple blog about living with less. Rowdy Kittens seems more like a journal about simplicity and less like a manual about minimalism. If you’re interested in tiny houses, cats, photography, nature or simple living in general, definitely check out Rowdy Kittens. About Page

Quiet Habits

  • And last, but not least, is my own blog (hint: you’re already here!). I write about living a simple life and making simple, deliberate habit change. I cover topics from technology to exercise to minimalism to finances and everything in between, regarding simplicity and simple living. I’d describe it as a mixture of Zen Habits, Be More With Less and Break the Twitch. Visit my Start Here page to learn more or download my Digital Spring Cleaning Guide for only $0.99 for the next week only.

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