Friday Links October 16th, 2015


This week has seen tons of growth on the blog, thanks almost entirely to a guest post that I had the opportunity to write for the wonderful blog, Blonde on a Budget. If you haven’t checked out Cait’s blog, I would highly recommend it. She brings some great thoughts and experiences to both personal finances and minimalism. And she’s Canadian, which makes her at least 5% cooler (in an awesome way and a temperature way).

Here are some posts that inspired me this week. I hope they’ll inspire you as well to live a simpler life, find peace and happiness and embrace minimalism more fully.


This article from Tsh’s site Art of Simple is fantastic. This is a guest post by Sarah Bessey and it really helped me get out of a rut I was in. Sometimes I beat myself up because I think I own too much. She writes about loving and appreciateing things that you own and how it’s OK to cherish physical objects. Check it out here: I practice simple living but I still love my stuff

You can also check out Sarah’s newest book on Amazon, Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith

So, in case you didn’t read or hear about my guest post, I’m rather proud of it. You should go check it out on Cait’s blog. And while you’re there, check out some of her other posts. She’s a great writer and has a great community around her blog. Here’s my guest posts: In Defense of Doing Nothing

After you read my guest post, this article from Josh Becker on Becoming Minimalist is a great companion article and discusses many of the same things. Sometimes we need to just relax and take a break from endless productivity. I love that these were published in the same week. Here’s that article: The Productivity of Being Non-Productive

And finally, for a bit more self-promotion, I wrote a short little guide a few months ago. I’ve decided to make it available for free with an optional donation. It’s called the Digital Spring Cleaning guide. It details steps you can take to remove many types of virtual clutter, including cleaning up social media security settings to deleting old files to speeding up your computer. If you need a bit of digital minimalism, this is the guide for you. And you can’t beat the price tag! If you love this blog and the guide, I would love a small donation to help keep this site going. It’s available for free, but even a few dollars will help keep this site online. You can find the guide and many other great books and guides from other amazing bloggers and authors on this page: Awesome Guides, Books and Courses

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