Resources to Start Journaling


As I read about journaling to prepare for this month’s habit experiment I found a ton of great articles and other content that covered everything from how to journal to the benefits of writing in a journal. I wanted to share some of these resources with you to help get you started or keep you going.

Writing in my journal has been a great exercise so far this month. I have slowed down my thoughts because I’m writing by hand and I have reflected on how my day went and what really happened. I’ve noticed that as I write in my journal I’m more aware of each distinct day instead of letting them all blur together as I often do. This has been very therapeutic and calming.

For now, I use my journal as a way to record my day, including the events, successes, frustrations, thoughts and ideas that happened throughout the day. I write just before I go to bed. I have a few ideas in mind for expanding my journal entries, but for now I’m working on getting the habit started.

No matter where you are in your journal writing, I think these resources will help you to get started or give you a new way of approaching your writing habit. If you have any articles, studies or anything else, please add them in the comments or email them to nathan “at” and I’ll add them in this post.

Well, there you have it! I hope you found something useful in all of that. Happy journaling!

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