Lessons From a Month of Gratitude


For the last month I’ve found at least one thing to be grateful for every day. Sometimes it was something small and random and other times it was something important, like being grateful for my amazing wife Sarah. Overall, being grateful just feels great!

I noticed a gradual change during the month. I would actively seek out something every day to be grateful for every day. At first it seemed easy but as the month went on, it was difficult to find something. But as I went through the day thinking of all the things I was grateful for, one thought led to more and more and more until I was nearly overwhelmed every day by how much I have to be grateful for.

I also realized how much we take for granted. If I had one goal for this month, it was to not take things for granted anymore. I have a bad habit of forgetting everything that I have been blessed with. I have so many modern conveniences in my life that I have almost no room to complain about anything. I have a comfortable, warm apartment with indoor plumbing, working electricity, an Internet connection and cheap rent. I own a bed and a mattress, more than one computer, a smart phone, dishes, glasses, a pantry full of food, 2 cars, appliances and dozens of other modern conveniences.

But I discovered that gratitude is kind of a funny thing. We talk about it so much, there are gratitude journals, we have an entire holiday dedicated to giving thanks for what we have, and it’s become something of a buzz word in the self-improvement realm of the Internet. It seems so simple but it can be very difficult to practice.

It’s easy to take things for granted when we see them so often. It’s easy to be grateful when it’s something big or unexpected, like a gift or surprise. It’s not easy to find something to be grateful for every day. But it feels great to rediscover the little, everyday things that we forget to show gratitude for. And that was one of the greatest gifts I discovered last month: to learn to be grateful for the things I often forget I have been blessed with.

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