Friday Links October 9th!

I wanted to give you all a quick update on how Video Free October is going. In short, it’s going great but it’s also one of the hardest experiments yet! I underestimated the draw of screens and videos. They’re everywhere and they pull you in, whether you want to watch videos and TV or not. But I’m still going strong and trying to post (somewhat) daily tips and ideas on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’ll try to be more consistent with when I post those. Follow me somewhere so you don’t miss one of the tips!

Also, the next couple of weeks are going to be jam-packed with school and a full overhaul of Quiet Habits. I’m moving the blog over to Ghost sometime this month so I’ve been working out all the kinks and issues before I migrate. Therefore, I’ll be writing less and the blog might randomly go down for a few hours in a week or two, but no worries! It’ll be back up and running in no time. We’re also taking a brief trip to Champaign, IL and other parts of central Illinois to visit some areas where I used to live and did missionary service. I’m also writing an intriguing creative research paper about the town of Rantoul, IL and the Chanute Air Force Base there (now decommissioned). So life will be hectic for a while. But it’s always an adventure. I wanted to give you some links about TV, videos, screens and some other great links for the weekend and the coming week.


Television and the Glamorization of Anything It Desires – a great meditation on the effects television has on us as consumers and citizens. Television can glamorize anything and everything that large corporations want us to buy, including more TV!

The Digital / Screen-Free Sabbatical – Anthony outlines a digital sabbatical that he and his wife took while on vacation. He describes how you can have your own digital or screen sabbatical. I think this is a great idea!

10 Reasons to Watch Less Television – 10 compelling reasons to watch less television or to quit watching altogether. Joshua hits it home with this article.

Choose One Thing to Simplify Your Life (just one) – this isn’t necessarily related to not watching TV, but I love Courtney’s list of things to choose from. Which one thing can you do to start simplifying your life? Maybe watching less TV is your one thing.

A Month Without TV or Video – Leo lived a whole month with no video/TV. I love his thoughts about the challenge and what his plans are going forward. Definitely worth a read if you’d like to live with less TV.

7 Strategies for Facing Your Internet/TV Addiction – think you’re addicted to television or the Internet? Or do you know someone who is? This article is for them. These are gentle, simple ways to overcome a TV addiction.



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