Celebrate the Little Things


Life is filled with thousands of little moments. Our lives are comprised of these small memories. Every once in a while, we find ourselves on a big adventure or see something breathtaking, like hiking a mountain, going to Disneyland, seeing the Grand Canyon, traveling to another country or witnessing the birth of a child. These moments are wonderful, but I often overlook the everyday wonders that we take for granted.

There are amazing things all around you: The blueness of the sky in the morning or the amazing sunrise. Even the fact that you woke up to live another day is something to celebrate! The people in your life that you love and who love you. The blessings of freedom, technology, food, shelter, the ability to pursue happiness and change jobs, careers, to move somewhere else and live the life you want.

Why do we miss these amazing, little things that are all around us?

I think the answer lies in the question. We have these things with us all the time. The sky is usually blue, most of us have had some degree of freedom since we were born. Technology is everywhere. We have food, shelter, water and the ability to choose and pursue happiness. It is almost always there. We are surrounded by all of these, so we simply forget that they’re there. We take them for granted. We see and use them so often that we don’t realize how awesome they are.

Being in constant awe of the world around us would probably become tiresome, which is why we naturally begin to ignore or assimilate the typical things. For example, you don’t appreciate the roads you drive on to work until something changes, like a major construction project. When that four lane highway shrinks down to one lane, you can see how you took those four lanes and quick drive to work for granted.

I’m not suggesting that we live in constant awe of every little thing around us. I am working on being more aware of the little things. I appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I enjoy the smell of rain. I try to appreciate the laughing and talking at family dinners. I marvel at the growth of my tomato plant. I love the smell of new sheets on my bed or the peaceful feeling of a fresh, clean living room.

Let’s learn to enjoy and appreciate the little comforts and joys around us. By doing so we will learn to love life and find joy in small things instead of wishing them away for huge experiences. Love the little things in life and you will find more love in return as you discover how amazing your life is.

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