February: Meditate Every Morning

How did waking early in January go?

It went very well for the beginning of the month. I lost some of my motivation and will-power this last week and a half and then I got sick for the last part of January (I am still fighting a cold while I write this). It was hard to sustain such a sudden change.

When I get feeling better I am going to slowly build back up to 6:00 or maybe earlier. Right now I am going to get back to waking up around 6:40. I was about 75% successful this month. I found some weak points and I’ll write more about them in the next week (link coming soon).

What I learned:

  • You HAVE TO have something to do in the morning. This is necessary for success. You need some motivation, some replacement habit that gets you out of bed.
  • Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up if you need to take a few days off or sleep longer. If your body needs the sleep, then get the sleep. Don’t push it too far and get sick like I did!
  • Find your wake up trigger. It took me all month to find one that I think might work. I tried eating, drinking juice or water, writing, stretching, a little bit of exercise (I’ll experiment with that more later on), etc. I found that ultimately a good warm shower really wakes me up. I might add a short exercise and stretching routine before I shower, but the shower is my first priority.
  • Don’t buy in to the “This Exact Morning Routine Will Make You a Happy, Healthy, Beautiful, Successful Billionaire” junk. Your morning routine is for you and it should be designed by you. Use those “routines” to get ideas and hints, but ultimately develop the routine that works for you. It might take a few months to figure it out, but it’s worth the time.

February: Meditate Every Morning

Ok, so on to February. In February I want to meditate every single day, preferably in the morning time. This habit plan will sound less rigid than last month. I don’t want to constrain myself to a certain time limit or a certain time of day.

My plan is this: I will meditate every morning for at least 1 minute.

That’s it. A simple habit plan. 1 minute, every day, in the morning. If I absolutely can’t do it in the morning, then I will meditate at night after work. I may also add in a journal session for a few minutes following the meditation, but that is not a requirement.

The reason I am keeping this month so simple is because I want meditation to be a habit that I can build up and build on. I don’t want it to be something that I feel that I have to do for long set amount of time. I just want to start. I am also starting a weekly planning habit that I’ll be experimenting with, so I want to keep the meditation habit easy and simple. I’ll also be posting more about my weekly planning habit as that develops.

I did well during January, despite some setbacks and I hope that February teaches me even more about myself and my habits.

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