Meditation at Work


Surprisingly, I’ve done most of my meditation this month while at work. Thankfully my workplace is relatively quiet and my cubicle is somewhat secluded, so my coworkers won’t think I’m taking a 5 minute nap. During some of my breaks, I’ve found meditation to be an amazing quick break from the stresses of the work day. It gives me a chance to sit up straight, close my eyes and focus on my breathing instead of whatever is on the computer screen.

Why meditate at work?

Although this won’t work for everyone, I’ve found a quiet joy in meditating for a few minutes at work throughout the day. Sure, it’s not a full, deep meditation that will lead to enlightenment, but it’s a nice way to chill out for a few minutes and breathe out some stress.

How do I meditate at work?

It’s simple, really. When I hit a point in my work where I can stop for a few minutes, I lock my computer and dim the screen. Then I get comfortable in my chair, close my eyes and relax.

After I’m fairly relaxed, I focus on my breathing for the next few minutes. No guided meditation, no apps, no deep intense practice. Just breathing with my eyes closed. I try not to think about work, school, chores, or anything else. Thoughts come up, but I bring my attention back to my breathing.

I do this for a few minutes, usually once or twice a day or when I feel myself getting frustrated or when my mind is wandering.

And that’s pretty much it! Some might say this doesn’t “count” as meditation, but I think any time you can sit, relax and focus on your breath for a few minutes is time well spent. This little practice helps me focus on my work better and reduces some of the stress of the workday.

If you need to find somewhere quiet and away from coworkers, try the break room, a secluded or empty part of the building, your car, somewhere outside, a nearby park, or somewhere else that’s quiet. I try to do this when my coworkers aren’t walking around or coming in and out of our workspace, so I avoid mornings, evenings and lunch hours.

I understand that this practice won’t work for everyone in every situation all the time. I wanted to share it for those of you who need a quick meditation break during your workday. This little break can focus your mind and help you deal with many of the stresses of a 9-5. I recommend finding a way to fit this little practice into your daily work routine.

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