Meditation Resources

Meditation Articles

The following articles are some great places to start. I’ve read them all at one time or another and have found value in all of them. Each article provides a slightly different take on meditation, its practice and benefits. The one thing they all have in common: meditation is great healing for the heart, mind, soul and body and you should practice it daily. If you have other great meditation resources, share them with me on social media (links at the bottom of this page) or email them to me: nathan AT

Meditation Quotes

I’ve been sharing some of these on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I’ll keep sharing them throughout July. These are some great quotes about meditation and mindfulness to help inspire your practice.






Meditation Apps

I know that the use of apps is a controversial topic in the world of meditation. Some people use meditation apps every day in their personal practice. Some swear by them as life-changing. Others shun the use of apps for meditating, stating that they cause unneeded distraction. Whatever your stance, these apps are all highly praised.

I’ve personally tried most of these apps. Most were not my style, but they might fit your practice better. I occasionally use Stop Breathe Think in my meditation practice, but generally I like to meditate in silence without the help of an app. I also sometimes use Insight Timer, which is a very good meditation timer. It provides a soft bell tone to start and stop your meditation. Very useful if you only want to meditate for a certain time period.


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