The Quiet Habits Mission


I’ve been talking to a lot of family and friends about Quiet Habits and thinking a lot about what I write and why. I think I’ve finally hashed out a solid mission statement for Quiet Habits (subject to minor changes and updates, of course).

I’m on a journey to improve my life one habit and small change at a time. I want to change myself and help others learn how to change their own lives. I’ve bounced around between wanting to write about minimalism, simple living and habit change all while wishing I could make a living being some kind of online guru.

During a conversation I had with my wife in December 2015 I realized the direction that my blog was headed. There are plenty of “get rich quick” or “become successful overnight” experts, books and blogs out there. There are also a lot of blogs about minimalism and simple living as well as people who want to help you become a super-focused, super-productive super-human with super quick, huge life changes. I think these are all very inspiring and if that’s your thing, then I wish you luck. This blog is not headed in any of those directions, but I will talk about many of those things here.

My blog is not a blog about minimalism but I am a minimalist. My blog is not about making huge life changes and turning your life around in a short period of time. It’s not about coffee-induced bouts of productivity or becoming a best-selling author. Quiet Habits will become more true to the name. I think habits are some of our most powerful tools for living a better life. They can also be our downfall in many ways. Bad habits can be just as detrimental to our life goals as good habits are good for us.

And so I arrived, over a long period of thought and discussion, that Quiet Habits will focus on the little changes that we can make towards better habits that will in turn bring about a better life. These little habits may be daily, weekly, or even hourly. They may be about meditation, mindfulness, minimalism, money, simple living, exercise, eating healthy, reading, education, computers, technology, and more. The commonality will be in the habits that we form around all of these things. Because as good as it is to learn about something, it is even better to do it. And when we do it for long enough it becomes part of us, our lifestyle and our beliefs.

I don’t want you to take everything here at face value. I don’t even take everything at face value. I try it out. I experiment. I tweak. I fail. I build it better over and over again. Every year I want to try out little habits and see how they affect my life, for better or worse. I want to do this to learn about how I build and maintain habits and then share this knowledge and experience with you. I hope that you’ll at least try it out. The bottom line: not everything here will work for you. But something will. So keep trying until you find the best habits for YOU.

I’m not an expert but I do have a lot of experience and will continue to gain more experience as I experiment and iterate my habit changes. Each habit I talk about here will be something that I have tried or am going to try (or something tried by someone I know). They probably won’t make you a million dollars or turn you into a super-human, but I know from experience that they will help you feel happier, healthier, better, more fulfilled and live a fuller life (not necessarily in that order).

I want to focus on habits that almost anyone can do. I’ve found that small, simple, slow changes are best for almost every habit. This ensures that each habit will easily become part of your life and will stand the test of time. Thus, these are “Quiet” habits, ones that quietly come into your life and make it better.

I don’t intend to change anyone besides myself. If my words can help even one person make a difference in their life, then I will have succeeded in helping change the world. Remember that nothing I say here will change you. It may help you along the way or plant a seed to change a habit in the future, but the only person who can change you is you. This blog is simply a stepping stone with examples, ideas, tips and tricks.

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