My Movin’ May Exercise Habit

During May I exercised almost every day in the morning. Some days were harder than others, but I felt that I was very successful with this habit change. I didn’t exercise every day and I miserably failed at stretching at night.

I think the reason I failed at stretching at night is that I was working on too many habits and changes all at once. I am going to continue to exercise every morning that I am able to and slowly implement the nighttime stretching into my routine.

I learned that there are two enemies to exercise in my life:

  1. Time restraints
  2. Lack of motivation

If I didn’t wake up on time (my wife and I have exactly one hour to get ready in the morning before we leave) then I likely wouldn’t exercise. My trigger was waking up on time. When I woke up on time I had the motivation and energy to exercise. I tried to wake up on time to get exercising. The other issue I had with timing was being busy. When we had something going on early in the morning it was harder to come back home and exercise later on. I found that setting one time to exercise made it easier to form the habit.

There were a few mornings when I woke up and had no desire to exercise. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed and working out. I discovered two ways to combat this. The first is to have an exercise buddy. Find someone to be accountable to or exercise with. This makes it a lot easier to exercise and a lot harder to skip a day. The second is to allow yourself a break. Your body needs time to repair and rest. Set a specific day to take a break each week to avoid getting burnt out.

Above all, be sure to keep it simple! Simplicity in the exercise habit will ensure that this new habit will become a permanent change

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