My Exercise Plan for May

Here is my exercise routine as promised for this month. Feel free to use this plan this month or in the future. You can adapt it to fit your needs. I know I’m going to change it up during the month until I get it right.

This is the basic schedule that I’ll be following during the month:

  • Monday: 7 minute workout
  • Tuesday: Basic dumbbell workout
  • Wednesday: 7 minute workout
  • Thursday: Basic dumbbell workout
  • Friday: Yoga
  • Saturday: Bike ride or 7 minute workout (depends on time/weather)
  • Sunday: Light yoga or stretching

That’s the routine. I’ll post any changes or updates if I make any. I’ll also be posting more often this month as a sort of exercise journal or log.


In case you were wondering, I use this app to guide my 7 minute workout, although there are many, many great apps that you can use.

This is my basic guide for my dumbbell workout. Why do a dumbbell workout? Well, in our tiny apartment all I have is my body weight (7 minute workout) and a set of dumbbells, so I use what I have.

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