On Changing My Blog’s Name

As many of you (hopefully) noticed, the name of this blog is different. Last week I changed the name from smplife to Quiet Habits. To introduce the new change I wrote a really long blog post explaining my reasoning behind it and the name change process. I nixed that post in favor of something shorter. There were many personal and logistical reasons for the name change, but in short I wanted something more specific and unique. I wanted a name that I could be proud of and “smplife” was good but not great.

Quiet Habits came to me while searching for synonyms and reflecting on the type of content I write. I realized that living a simple life is all about introducing small, gradual, simple changes into our lives. Anything that we do can be considered a habit if we make it part of our lives. I am also a quiet, reserved person by nature, so it fit perfectly.

Quiet Habits are habits that come quietly, slowly and deliberately. I want to change my life in a quiet, simple manner. Quietness and stillness are like the gradual change that comes from a winding river or a glacier carving the face of the Earth. I have opted for these types of changes and habits instead of mighty changes that come quickly and suddenly but don’t last very long, like an earthquake or a tsunami.

I hope you enjoy creating these quiet habits with me. Everything from smplife.com should forward now to Quiet Habits. If you find any problems on the site or with anything acting weird, let me know at nathan “at” quiethabits.net (or we can just chat about simple living if you’d like).

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