Help Simple Life Go Ad-Free and A New Guide

Update: if you stumbled upon this post, there are a few changes. First, the GoFundMe campaign is now inactive. The name of this blog is no longer We are still ad-free! If you’d like to support me and keep this site ad free in the future, please buy one of my courses or one of the many great affiliate courses, found on this page.

Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well. I hope your weekend was filled with rest and inspiration.

Today I have a couple of announcements to share with you. As I write on the blog I am always trying to create the best reader experience. The most important thing about this blog is helping you, my readers. I hope that I can continue to do this for a long time to come.

Because I want to make this site the best experience for you, I am trying a couple of new things. The first thing is that I have started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. You can find that here. The reason I started this is to cover the costs of operating this website without the need for ads. I have tried to hide the ads at the bottom of the pages, but I think they’re still annoying and take away from the message of minimalism.

Please go donate even a small amount to keep this site going and ad-free! $5 will keep the site up for a whole month and will get you a free poem in exchange! Anything over $5 will get you a free poem and a huge Thank You from me. I’ll even send you a handwritten letter if you want one. Here’s another link to donate:

The second big announcement is that I am creating some premium content that will appear for sale here on the site. I am working out the details of payment processing and hosting the content, so as soon as I have finished setting up my online shop and finished creating the guide, I will post the links on here. Check back soon for that! The first guide will be all about the 1:2 rule. I wrote a short post recently about the 1:2 rule that gained a lot of interest. I am writing an in-depth guide into the what, how, and why of this guiding minimalist principle.

Stay tuned for the availability and pricing of the guide. It should be out very soon! There will be a special release discount for sharing the guide on social media once it is released.

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