3 Lessons Learned From A Month With No Meat

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For the entire month of June I didn’t eat any meat. I learned some really interesting things about my body, my habits and my mind while forgoing the consumption of meat.

I don’t usually eat a lot of meat; typically only at dinner and occasionally at lunch. There are very rare occasions when I eat meat at breakfast, but it almost never happens.

By far the most challenging thing this month for my wife and I was dinner planning. We already had several vegetarian meals planned for the month and I had backup plans for any plans to eat out or for vacation. After about a week, though, we started repeating meals because we didn’t sit down and plan out what we wanted to have for dinner. This led to indecision and lack of time and ingredients when it came time to prepare dinner.

Lesson One: if you’re going to make any change to your diet, work slowly and deliberately. Make plans and have a backup or emergency plan.

Our challenge was that because we didn’t plan very well in advance, so it became harder to stick with the habit. We did repeat meals a few times and there were a couple of nights that we had to get creative with on-hand ingredients. Somehow we made it work, though!

My family was amazingly supportive this month with helping me to reach my goal. They might not understand why you’re making a change or completely agree with it, but if you ask them, they will help with anything they can. My family and my wife’s family helped us out a bunch by preparing vegetarian meals when we came over for dinner. It was awesome and a huge help!

Lesson Two: talk to your family, friends and loved ones. They may not understand, but they will help you!

I don’t think I’ll ever be a full-time vegetarian or vegan, but I am working on reducing the amount of meat I eat, so I consider myself a lifelong Reducetarian. I recommend you learn more about the health and environmental benefits of being a Reducetarian or, if you want to go further, a vegetarian or vegan. It’s not an easy path to walk, but isn’t anything worth doing usually difficult?

Some nights I craved meat. I didn’t want to think of another creative vegetarian meal. I wanted to give in and eat chicken and potatoes or go get a hamburger. Some days were harder than others. But I did it. And so can you! Everyone can do hard things if you really want to and put your mind to it.

Lesson Three: anyone can do hard things. You can do anything for 30 days. You just have to be determined every day to not fail. Doing hard things helps you in all areas of life. If you can do one hard thing, you can do other hard things. Keep the momentum going!


photo credit: Clagett Farm Week 6 Share via photopin (license)

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