One Thing at a Time: What I Decluttered in March

I wanted to post a list of what my wife and I got rid of during the month of March. I exceeded my goal of getting rid of 31 items and my wife even joined in towards the end by going through her closet.

I am still getting rid of things here and there as I discover what is truly important. Developing a mindset of minimalism and utilizing the 1:2 rule helped me let go of more items and maintain ownership of fewer things.

Here is the list of what I got rid of during the month of March:

1 pair of jeans
1 baseball hat
7 pairs of socks
3 books
1 old textbook
10 shirts of various styles
5 neckties
2 pillow cases
1 coat
2 small kitchen appliances
1 old iPhone case
1 unused blanket
1 old pair of glasses
Several hangers
And my wife got rid of a few items of clothing and some jewelry

That ends up being 36+ items that are out of my life. Honestly, if I had not made this list (which I made for this blog and for tax deductions next year) I would probably not even remember most of what I got rid of.

The decluttering process was an eye-opening and cleansing process. It allowed my wife and me to make decisions about what was truly important and which things we would keep. I still have more things to go through, especially with my clothing (I have an overflowing sock drawer), but the important thing is to continue the process.

Don’t give up! Even if you get rid of just one thing per day, that is still one thing less than you had before! Minimalism is a journey and a destination. For me, living with less stuff is both a process and a way of life. I am working towards owning less while enjoying the benefits every day as I continually look for things that I can let go.

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