March: Let Go of at least One Thing Every Day

First, an update on meditation in February (more to come on this later). I did meditate every single day in February. I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this. I need to improve my practice now that I have made it a habit, but it went well and I can see an improvement in my mood, focus and energy levels already. I am still meditating for only a short time and I haven’t quite mastered a certain time of day yet. My wife got a new job this month and our schedules have changed now, leaving us much less time in the morning. However, I am now doing much better on my waking early habit and I hope that this will slowly improve my meditation habit.

Now, on to March. In March I want to let go of at least one thing every day. I changed this from June to March because my wife and I wanted to do some spring cleaning this month. The rules are simple enough. At least one thing has to be gone from my life each day for the whole month. This doesn’t include regular garbage items (wrappers, containers, packages, paper, bad food, etc.). I have also decided to exclude items such as paper items (old bills, college papers, mail, etc.) unless I can get rid of them in bulk (20+ items in one day).

I am also going to include virtual accounts/subscriptions. If I can delete 2+ accounts or unsubscribe from 2+ emails in one day, I will count that as letting go of my one thing for the day. I am going to keep a list to post here at the end of the month (a digital list, to reduce paper clutter) of everything I got rid of.

This is a variety of the #MinsGame, made popular by The Minimalists. Feel free to use that hashtag and link to this post or use #OneThingLess and share what you get rid of during the month!

I will be posting resources, tips, advice and things that I am trying to help us reach this goal. Check back soon for updates on how this is going and for more articles about how to cut the clutter.

Check out these resources for more tips and advice and some great guides and books to help you declutter and get rid of your unwanted stuff:

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