A Month of Gratitude


This month begins my month of gratitude. It’s also the second month in my series of mindfulness experiments. I’m trying to be more mindful of what happens in my daily life. It seems like I’m always trying to get my brain to calm down, focus and pay attention. So, in an effort to do that, I’ll be taking some time every day to reflect on things I am grateful for. This will happen in a few different ways:

  1. I’m going to post something I’m grateful for every day throughout the month of September on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).
  2. I’m going to write occasionally in a gratitude journal during this challenge.
  3. I’m going to be more mindful of the amazing blessings and opportunities in my life.
  4. I’ll try to be more aware of and grateful for the little things in life, trying to notice them throughout my day.

That’s it. A simple set of habits to help me realize all the things I have to be grateful for and then express that gratitude in a variety of ways.

I think this last point is important. We can realize we have much to be grateful for, but we often neglect to express it to ourselves and to others. This month I hope to change that and express more often what I am grateful for and how much I appreciate those people/things/places/etc.

You may be wondering why I didn’t do this in November, because Thanksgiving and stuff. Well, that’s exactly why I didn’t do it during Thanksgiving. The point of these monthly experiments is to challenge traditions and routines, change habits and give myself a new perspective about something. November already tends to be full of expressions of thanks and gratitude and I appreciate that. The reason I did this experiment in September is to challenge the lack of gratitude shown during other times of the year and in other seasons of our lives. I wanted to make it challenging and unexpected, so I can learn as much as possible about the attitude of gratitude.

Please join me this month by telling your family and friends what you’re grateful for, writing it down in a gratitude journal or by sharing on social media (use the hashtags #MonthOfGratitude and/or #YearOfChange so I can see and share these). Let’s spread our gratitude for every amazing thing in our lives!


This month (September 2016) I’ll be promoting various books about Gratitude. Some I have read and others I have not. All of these are affiliate links, so I get some money if you buy them. Any money goes back into making this site better and more useful (and keeping it online!).

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