Simple Inspiration August 7th, 2015

Here are some posts that I read and/or discovered or rediscovered this week that I’d like to share with you. I hope that if you’re cutting back on social media this month you’ll find some inspiration from these posts. I know I did! Please share any articles or websites that have helped you out in the past week. Here are the articles for this week:

How 30 days without Social Media changed my life – Yes, this article is about 9 months old now, but I think it applies to my own experiment this month. Steve works in social media. This is a great experiment in giving up social media.

A Brief Guide to Quitting a Bad Habit – Leo’s words are always inspiring, but this is one of his best that I’ve read in the past few months. This is also a great read if you’re trying to cut back on social media (or any bad habits!)

What Type of Minimalist Are You? – I’m still not sure what type I am, but I think I partially fall into a few categories. This is an interesting short article.

Finding Creative Flow with Minimalism – This is a great one to read and re-read if you need a creativity boost.


Also, please check out these great books and guides about minimalism from some amazing bloggers and authors.


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