Simply Serve

So you’re looking for the secret to happiness and inner peace? Put down the guides and self-help books. Turn off the devices. Stop searching and go do something kind for someone else.

We need more good in the world. Let’s change the world, one act of service at a time.

What if everyone on this planet we call home stopped being selfish for one day and helped someone out? Imagine all the good we could do and how many smiles we’d see? Not to mention the millions and billions of lives that would change through giving and receiving service and kind deeds.

If every single person in America spent one hour helping somebody out this month, we would have enough hours spent doing something kind to build 45 Empire State Buildings in one day! Imagine the result of such an amazing global act of kindness towards our fellow travelers.

Being kind to others changes the focus of our mind. We’re happier because we’re less focused on our own problems, worries and stress. We humble ourselves and open our heart and soul to aid others or show them kindness. They might not deserve it or want it, but by offering it to them, our nature and our attitude change.

Service doesn’t have to be some huge, organized project that aids hundreds or thousands of people. A simple smile, a kind word, a warm hug or holding a door open all qualify.

If you truly want to be happy in this life, service to others is a great way to gain that happiness. Spirits will be lifted, hearts will be full and smiles will be broad.

Don’t wait on the perfect moment or the best project. Just get out there and lift someone up, offer a hand or be a friend. If we all simply serve more, the world will become a better, brighter place. Call me an idealist or an optimist, but I know that service is one of the secrets to a happy, fulfilled life.

The habit of service is one of the most fulfilling habits you can acquire. It will make you a happier, better person and will make the world around you a better, happier place.

Let’s get out there and find a fellow brother or sister to serve. Let’s fill the world with love and kindness.

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  • Carina says:

    Hi Nathan. I enjoyed reading this post. You make a good point that each of us has the power to make the world a better place, through big actions and/or small. You are right that helping others also makes us happy, and there are plenty of studies to prove it, too. I am an idealist, too, and why not… It sure beats the alternative. ? Take care.