Updates and A Quiet Habits Manifesto


I’ve been dabbling with blogging since I was a teenager, but Quiet Habits has really been my first blog that I’ve kept up for a long period of time. It’s been about a year and a half since I started writing on Quiet Habits and it has definitely been a crazy journey. Some months I’ve killed it with writing and page views. Those months were great. Other months, like the past few, I have struggled to get words on the page and have lacked motivation to publish new articles. I’m often somewhere between being anxious about having only a few readers to suffering from imposter syndrome. Blogging and writing in general is a daunting task and can take a huge emotional toll.

But this isn’t a pity party about the difficulties of writing. I knew it was going to be hard going in. I want to share some exciting updates and a refreshed manifesto for Quiet Habits.

First, the updates

As you probably noticed, Quiet Habits has a fresh new look. I’ve spent the past couple of months coding a new theme from the HTML 5 Blank boilerplate theme. The old theme was breaking often and had some issues (probably caused by me trying to Frankenstein it together), so it was time for a fresh start. I would love any feedback you have or problems you find with the new theme.

With the new theme, I’ve turned comments off. I’m still debating about adding comments again in the future, but for now I’m leaving them off. Please feel free to email me: nathan “at” quiethabits.net or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I’m happy to chat and share ideas on those platforms.

I am in the process of setting a slightly more structured posting schedule. I’m not going to be so strict that I post an update every Tuesday at 4pm, but you can expect more content more consistently.

Because I’m going to post more content more consistently, the format of the Quiet Habits email newsletter is changing. If you want to receive new posts in your Inbox that will still be an option. But the main newsletter for Quiet Habits will be a monthly update on the blog with links to all articles, interesting links, links to great guides, books or other products, and some other great stuff. This will go out at the end of the month and will include special updates about my Year of Change project. Look for that in a month or two as I figure out the logistics and technicalities.

I’m also going to try something a little different at the bottom of each post. I hate ads and will never put ads on this site. However, I am an affiliate for several other blogs that I read and love as well as for some products on Amazon. Each month I’m going to choose a different guide, book, course or product and post a link to it at the bottom of every post. Most will be affiliate links, but some will just be links to great products, books, blogs, etc. I want to try this out first, to share more great content and products that align with the mission of this blog and second, to bring in a little income to pay for the servers that keep this blog alive (this blog is non-profit so far and likely will be going forward).

Also, in an effort to encourage sharing and an open Internet, I’ve changed this blog’s license to a Creative Commons license. Please feel free to share and use the content here according to that license, but please give me credit somewhere and/or link back to the original content. I want this blog to be more open and shareable going forward. For more information about the Creative Commons license or the affiliate links, visit our new Legal page.

I love writing on this blog and that will continue to be my main medium for sharing these articles. However, I’m also interested in some other mediums and formats that I’ll be experimenting with in the future. What can you expect? It’s top-secret, so you’ll have to wait! (mostly because they’re still in the idea stage). I can promise that it will be worth the wait and include new ways of quietly improving your life through small and simple habits and there will be some free stuff and some things that cost a little extra (but still totally worth it!).

Now for the manifesto

Quiet Habits has been a journey through many phases of ideas, material, topics, challenges and more. Through it all I’ve tried to write about minimalism, simplicity, health, exercise, food, writing, habits, lifestyle changes, and more. Today I want to simplify and clarify the mission of Quiet Habits going forward.

Over the past few weeks I’ve read some amazing and inspiring things about writing, blogging and creating great products. I wish I had citations for some of these, but unfortunately I didn’t save links (I’ll update if I find them).

First, I learned that I need to add value through my writing. If I’m not adding value then what’s the point? Respecting your time is a priority to me and I think I have failed many times to give you valuable content in exchange for your time. Your time is extremely valuable and I am grateful every time you part with a few minutes of your day to read my blog. In the future I will respect your time and strive to add value to your life in any way that I can. I can’t promise that every post will add value to your life, but I hope that you will keep reading and wait for the articles that will add value. They’ll come as long as you keep reading.

Second, I learned that I need to show up with no expectations. These past few months I haven’t done very well at showing up to write and publish new content. That’s made me sad, so I apologize. When you commit your time to a new blog, a new product, or whatever else, you expect that person or product to show up. So I commit today to show up for this blog and for you, the readers. Even if nobody opens the newsletters or visits my blog, I’m going to show up, write and publish new content.

Third, I learned that I don’t have to be a great writer or expect huge results or expect to be an expert. I haven’t even been blogging for 2 years yet! I average about 20 views per day and that’s amazing. But I don’t really expect that and I shouldn’t. I accept that I’m not the best writer, I’m not the best minimalist or an expert on habits. And that’s OK. I need to be authentic and keep going.

So with those three things and more, Quiet Habits will be a more focused, authentic experience for me and you, my readers. Quiet Habits is all about making small and simple changes for a better life. This isn’t a blog about becoming a superhuman and I don’t go to any extremes. This is a blog for everyday men and women who want to improve their lifestyle in little ways.

Quiet Habits is not a “minimalist blog,” although I am a minimalist. It’s not a blog about money, although sometimes I might blog about money. It’s not a food blog or a health blog. Quiet Habits is a blog about improving the little things in life and letting go of the things we don’t need or want. It’s about habits and how simple (but often not easy) changes can make a big difference.

Throughout this journey I’ve learned that extremes can be detrimental, not only to creating lasting change, but also to one’s emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Sarah and I have embraced a simple life but not to any extremes. Extremes, I’ve found, do more harm than good. This is part of the reason why this site is called Quiet Habits. Quiet as in soft, simple, easy, lasting, ordinary, gentle, humble. The habits that I write about and will write about fall into these categories. This blog won’t prepare you to run a marathon in two weeks, make you $500k from blogging or turn you into a vegan overnight. It can help inspire you to get outside on a walk in the evenings instead of watching Netflix, write in your journal more often, or reduce your meat consumption.

I hope that Quiet Habits will continue to inspire change in your life. This blog won’t change your life. My writing won’t change your life. But you can and will change your life and I hope that this blog and others like it can be a catalyst and inspiration for that change. Please subscribe below to get these posts in your Inbox and share this and other posts to support Quiet Habits. Your continued love and support is always appreciated.

I love this blog and I love writing, learning and experimenting with new habits and methods. I hope that you’ll join me as I move in this simplified and focused direction. Exciting times are ahead!

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