The Power of Water

This month I have been drinking nothing but water throughout the day. I haven’t been perfect (I had a glass of strawberry lemonade on a date with my wife) but I have done very well. I want to talk about the power of water in being healthy and happy and share what I have learned this month.

What I Learned From Drinking Water

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This month has been more challenging than I thought. Although I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, I do occasionally have fruit juice, sugary drinks, herbal teas, soda, hot cocoa, etc. I noticed very quickly that the sugar in all these drinks was very habit-forming. I found that I craved a glass of some sugary concoction after just a few hours! After a few more days I still had the craving. I wanted a sugary drink and I wanted it now.

How did I make this craving go away? I ate some fruit (yes, fruit is actually good for you!) and drank more water. I used something naturally sugary and healthy to combat the craving for artificially flavored sugar drinks and paired it with water.

Drinking water helped with so many things this month. To name a few:

  • Less headaches
  • I sleep better
  • I  focus more easily
  • Less fatigue
  • My skin isn’t as dry
  • Not as many snack cravings
  • Helps me wake up in the morning

I am not a doctor or a health expert. I am someone like you, trying to be happy and healthy. Water is not a cure-all, but it is so helpful and vital to our bodies. I am surprised by how I feel after only a few weeks!

Water is the simplest fluid we can drink. We are mostly made up of water and we need it for so many things. Water can improve overall health and affect almost every part of the body and mind. It’s hard to drink enough water during the day! As I built this habit I found that I need water to feel awake, pay attention, have more energy and function better.

Here’s what I did to form the water drinking habit:

  • Put away the other drinks. I didn’t make or buy any sugary drinks. If you avoid the temptation it becomes easier to resist. Don’t mix up the tropical punch drink mix. Put the coffee maker in a hard to reach cupboard. Skip the morning gas station fountain soda routine. It’s hard at first, but you can do it!
  • Drink a half glass before bed and leave the glass out for the morning. This one is a funny quirk of mine. I leave half full glasses everywhere. I found that doing this actually helped me remember to drink water first thing in the morning. It’s like the magical water fairies poured me a glass and left it out for me.
  • Buy a nice water bottle. I know this blog is about simple living and minimalism, but seriously. It’s worth it to buy a nice, lightweight, stylish, useful water bottle. Go to five different stores if you have to. Find the perfect color, size, shape, volume. Then fill it up every day and carry it with you everywhere. If you’d like a recommendation, my wife and I both love these: Camelbak 21oz Water Bottle
  • Don’t worry about flavor. I have heard so many people complain about how boring plain water is or how they need some flavor. The truth is, you don’t. We’ve been trained from a young age to expect flavored drinks. You can un-train yourself in only a few weeks. Sure, flavored stuff is still great, like fresh fruit juice, but nothing can beat water.

Try it out for a week or two and see how amazing you feel. Then make water your go-to drink for the rest of your life! Ditch the crappy coffee, alcohol, soda, sugary drinks, for pure, simple water!


Photo credit: Ryan Hyde. Edited with added text over image

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