What’s The Occasion?

The other day I bought my wife, Sarah, a bouquet flowers. She was excited to see and enjoy their beauty in our home for a few days. When a family member saw a picture of them that Sarah posted online they asked, “What was the occasion?”

My answer? Life is the occasion.

I’ve had several experiences like this when someone wants to know why we did something special, went somewhere cool or used a “special occasion” item. We save vacation time, drinks, food, dessert, time, money and other things for a “special occasion” — some special event or day that will somehow stand out from all the other days and warrant the use of whatever we have set aside and preserved so carefully.

But life is fragile. Not to be morbid, but life can be extinguished in a second. We all know this too well, whether from watching a loved one pass away or watching the news. Saving these special things for special occasions can end up wasting potential.

Life is the special occasion! Celebrating life events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations and others are wonderful and fantastic, but don’t forget to celebrate every day that you are living and breathing on this beautiful earth.

Did any of you have a grandmother, mom or aunt who had her cherished china dishes locked up in a display case, collecting dust? They usually came out on Christmas, maybe Thanksgiving or any other big occasion. What a waste that these nice dishes were only used once or twice a year! But it’s not just china dishes that get wasted. It’s un-purchased flowers, tasty treats, memories made with kids, time spent with loved ones, and other things that we might lose while waiting for a special event.

So this is my answer to all those who ask, “What’s the occasion?” Life is the occasion. The fact that I woke up, took a breath, saw the sunrise, had another shot at life, got to wake up with my best friend and the love of my life and was blessed with another day. Each and every moment that I am alive is the special occasion and deserves to be celebrated.

Life is too short to wait around and save up for a special moment or the perfect day. So stop waiting around, stop saving things for some future special event or day of celebration. Today can be the day and now is the moment to celebrate.

Life’s many moments don’t need some outside influence to become special. We can make these moments special simply by deciding that they are special. These events have extra importance only if we give it to them. Birthdays, weddings and graduations are special only because we decided that they are important. So who says cooking dinner with your spouse or buying flowers and going on a bike ride or eating a picnic with your kids can’t be a special occasion? We need to find a balance and learn to make ordinary days and moments into special events and lasting memories.

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