What I Learned From Writing Every Day


First I’ll admit that I did not write every day. I think I missed a day here or there. However, with that said, I wrote a lot more this month than I have any other month this past year and I felt a lot more focused on writing and creating. This was a great month for content creation on my blog, writing for school and working on other random projects.

The first and most important thing I learned about my writing habit is that I need a set, consistent time to write every day. So, from now on I will be doing personal writing in the morning before work and school. The reason why I failed to write every day is because I didn’t have a set time. When I went to bed at night I was mentally kicking myself in the butt because I had forgotten to do my writing for the day. Especially during my Thanksgiving break, I needed a set time to write. Through several iterations of this month’s habit, I ‘ve realized that the key for me is to have a set time to write.

The time that I think will work best is in the morning. Your schedule is probably different. If you want to write, draw or create more, I highly recommend setting aside specific time to create. Be flexible, since creativity needs flexibility, but be as specific as you can.

I found immense value in daily writing. Whether on the computer or with pen and paper, I feel like my writing skills increased and my stress decreased. Writing, for me, is therapeutic and calming. This month I wrote when I was sad or mad and it helped me work through those feelings. I wrote when I was bored instead of turning to social media or games. I made sure that I always had something with which to write in case I had an idea for a story, blog post, poem or essay.

Obviously I’m going to continue writing since I write for work, school and this blog. However, I want to start writing in a journal for morning pages. I also want to work more on some personal hobby projects, such as long-form essays, poems and short stories. During school I sometimes feel restricted in my writing since I am required to write so many things for my classes. I want to make more time to write for pleasure and personal projects this coming year.

I hope that your writing has improved this month, or that it will improve in months to come as a result of making more time to write, starting a blog or writing in a journal. If you don’t write, I hope that you still find value in this for your own creative processes. Art and creation are similar and intertwined, so creative processes and insights can apply to most forms of art.

Next month begins one of my more difficult experiments, a month with no desserts, sweets, candy, etc. Wish me luck!

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